Symposium poster

The last 10 years revolutionized the study of the high-energy Universe and in particular gamma-ray astrophysics with the advent of AGILE and Fermi. The Symposium marks the 10th anniversary in orbit of the AGILE space Mission, launched on April 23rd, 2007. Considering the main mission results and challenging theoretical issues, a series of topics will be discussed: Galactic astrophysics and cosmic rays, pulsar and microquasar emissions, Active Galactic Nuclei of the blazar class, Gamma-ray bursts, terrestrial gamma-ray flashes. The current search of gravitational wave counterparts may lead to unexpected discoveries in the next years and the birth of a new type of astronomy. Neutrino astrophysics may join in. Gamma-ray astrophysics is then a driver and a crucial complement to all current and future fundamental studies of the Universe. Building on current results, the Symposium will provide a broad view of the most challenging issues and prospects for advance in astrophysics and fundamental physics to be obtained by future space missions and ground telescopes and experiments. The Symposium is in memory of Giovanni (Nanni) Bignami, a leader in the field, who witnessed the AGILE launch in 2007 as President of ASI.



Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC):

F. Aharonian (IAS Dublin), A. Antonelli (ASI), G. Barbiellini (INFN-Trieste), R. Battiston (ASI), F. Bertola (Univ. Padova), R. Blandford (Stanford Univ., USA), P. Caraveo (INAF), A. Cavaliere (INAF), E. Cavazzuti (ASI), E. Costa (INAF, ASI), P. de Bernardis (Univ. Roma), F. D’Amico (ASI), G. Di Cocco (INAF), S. Dietrich (CNR), A. Ferrari (Univ. Torino), E. Flamini (ASI), P. Giommi (ASI), I. Grenier (Univ. Paris VII), L. Maraschi (INAF), F. Matteucci (Univ. Trieste), J. McEnery (NASA GSFC, USA), B. Negri (ASI), J.-M. Paredes (Univ. Barcelona), P. Picozza (INFN), A. Renzini (Univ. Padova), G. Setti (INAF), M. Tavani (INAF, Chair), E. Tommasi (ASI)

Advisory and Editorial Board:

A. Argan (INAF), A. Bulgarelli (INAF), L. Costamante (ASI), I. Donnarumma(ASI), A. Giuliani (INAF), F. Longo (INFN), M. Marisaldi (Univ. Bergen), A. Morselli (INFN), C. Pittori (INAF), S. Vercellone (INAF)